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Learn Online Marketing


Are you a student and want to to prepare yourself for the digital future? This training is customized according to students needs. It will provide with a detailed introduction to key modules, from mobile marketing and social media to Email marketing, PPC Google Analytics and SEO

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Internet Marketing


This training is perfect for entrepreneurs who want to know everything there is to know about the internet world. From re marketing strategies Google Analytics Audit this course is apt for those looking for globally recognized Google Certifications. This course is delivered by high caliber experts who are well versed with the latest trends and are successfully running their own startups

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Online Marketing Course in Delhi


Whether you're a complete fresher and want to make a career in digital marketing, have some knowledge about it or a professional already working for a firm looking to upgrade your skill-set, this training is perfect for you

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Digital Marketing


If you're a Business Owner and already have a running webiste, it is of utmost importance that you must know the insights of a website promotion. You have to be aware of all the technical skills even of you have a dedictaed internet marketer assigned for your website.

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Certified Advanced Digital Marketing Course

Digital Marketing Course Training Institute Module Structure

Internet Marketing Course Module Structure

  • Overview of Online Internet Marketing

    Learn What is Digital Marketing and Why Is It Important?

    Course Module Duration : 2 Hours

  • Basic Website Designing

    Learn How To Design a Website Using Wordpress Templates

    Course Module Duration : 2 Hours

  • Advance Search Engine Optimization

    Learn to Optimize a Website for Major Search Engines Like Google and How to make your website rank on top SERPS

    Course Module Duration : 20 Hours

  • Search Engine Paid Ads using Google Adwords

    How to Market Your Website Using Paid Google Ads and What is the Best strategy to be used

    Course Module Duration : 7 Hours

  • Social Media Optimization Module

    How to Create Brand Awareness by Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Youtube, Tumblr and Twitter.

    Course Module Duration : 7 Hours

  • Content Marketing Course Module

    Content is King in Online World. Learn How To Write Smart Google Optimised Friendly Content

    Course Module Duration : 3 Hours

  • Blogging

    Learn How To Do Professional Blogging Concepts and How To Earn Money using Blogging.

    Course Module Duration : 3 Hours

  • Google Adsense

    It is an Advertisement Program by Google using which we can place ads on our websites to earn money through each click.

    Course Module Duration : 3 Hours

  • Affiliate Marketing

    This is also a method to help money through selling products. Learn How to apply and monetize with Affiliates.

    Course Module Duration : 2 Hours

  • Email Marketing

    It is one of the Best Internet Marketing Methods. Learn how to create effective emails which are sales oriented.

    Course Module Duration : 2 Hours

  • Mobile Marketing

    This is another Best method of Online Internet Marketing. Everybody is using a mobile thesedays and it is a sure shot way of reaching specific set of audience at the same time. Learn how to write impressive messages.

    Course Module Duration : 2 Hours

  • Online Reputation and Value

    Good Internet Value is very important for any online business to sell a product or service. Learn best ways how to maintain a good google score and increase your website trust factor.

    Course Module Duration : 2 Hours

  • Google Keyword Planner

    Google Keyword Planner - Learn how to use the Best Tool for Keyword research by Google. One cannot have a succesful Internet Marketing Strategy without proper keyword reseacrh.Learn how to do proper research for any specific online business.

    Course Module Duration : 2 Hours

  • Google Webmaster Tools

    Google provides very helpful tools to check and improvise website performance Learn how to maximise utilisation of these tools to have a healthy website performace score.

    Course Module Duration : 2 Hours

  • Freelancer

    Learn how to be your own boss. After completing this Internet Marketing Course Training become a succesful Internet Marketer and earn big while sitting at home.

    Course Module Duration : 2 Hours

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Importance of Internet Marketing Course Training

Internet Marketing nowadays is an extremely important for every business to reach their targeted customers and achieve their business goals - That's why we're offering the most Advanced Digital Marketing Course. Learning Internet Marketing Training from a reputed Institute and how to use it to benefit any business online is the key to success today. It is the perfect approach to sell products or services online. We are all aware that companies are leaving no stone unturned to utilize online internet strategies to reach out to customers, make brand names not only for their clients but also for search engine visibility.

We at NATIONAL DIGITAL INSTITUTE are committed to provide the Best Advanced Training Course in Digital Marketing. We pride ourselves in being the oldest institute in India for Internet Marketing Course Training. Our students already have their own successful start-up sites running or have been placed in the top internet online firms and start-ups in India. Our students are clear in the key strategies to be used. We provide one free Website and Hosting Space (If you Join Our Digital Marketing Course) so that our students can begin their practical training course from day 1 and start implementing the training techniques to rank one at Google.

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Digital Training Course Type, Duration and Batches

Type :-

  • Classroom Sessions or Online Learning
  • Duration :-

  • 2 Months (60 hours-80 hours)
  • Schedule Type

  • Daily
  • If youre a student and can come easily to the institute daily then prefer this schedule mode. Trainings are held Monday to Friday.

  • Alternate Days
  • If you feel you need practice and self study time then you can enroll in Alternate day schedule where you will have to attend trainings at the institute thrice a week.

  • Weekend
  • If youre a working professional or a business owner then you can attend our weekend trainings.

  • Sunday Only
  • In case you dont have much time then enroll for our Sundays only schedule.

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    About Internet Marketing

    About Online Marketing and Why is it so important?

    Internet Marketing covers Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media Optimization,Email Mobile Marketing Pay per Click Optimization, Blogging, Affiliate Marketing and Google Adsense & Google Adwords.Basically it is all about how good and perfect your website strategy is. Using Google Webmaster Tools the internet marketer keeps on checking and improvising website strategy.It is a summation of startegies, smart work and perfect guidance which helps a site improve its ranking on search engines.

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    Benefits of Digital Marketing

    How National Digital Institute will help you

    Digital Marketing Course helps graduates, post graduates, working professionals, budding entrepreneurs or business owners who wish to learn more and become a part of this rapidly growing billion dollar online marketing industry. The course will include modules where the students can learn SEO, SMO, Online Marketing Course, Website Planning, PPC Advertising and Google Analytics. In this ever growing industry, becoming internet literate is crucial. The entire structure is a learning pathway on how to make brands, generate potential business leads and communicate with your clientele. Our Google Certified trainers impart knowledge that they have learnt by building their own successful startups. This advanced digital marketing training program covers the fundamentals of using various online platforms like search engines, social media marketing, and online advertising using mobiles, YouTube videos, promotion articles
    • Become an In-Demand Professional 150,000 internet jobs are predicted by 2020 and there are not enough Google Certified Institutes to train the individuals for these opportunities. There is no qualification required for this Course in Digital Marketing and recruitment companies are urging individuals to improve their skill set in this area. This is a proof that those looking for a career in a sector where demand increases the supply will always have an edge over others sectors.
    • Get paid more than your peers NATIONAL DIGITAL INSTITUTE guarantees that it will add value to your skill set and help you gain the unique edge over others. Once you attain the required certifications and training, you will become a valuable and hireable expert in the market. When you’re working in a fruitful industry which has online skills shortage you can think of yourself like an asset– and negotiate your salary accordingly.
    • Become an Entrepreneur The digital marketing world gives you a host of opportunities to kick-start your own career and become an entrepreneur before you even set foot in the market.
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