Corporate Training & Development Institute

Corporate training companies provide skill building services and their main focus is on training an employee on a certain skill while clearing all his doubts getting his fundamentals right so that there is no knowledge gap. Such courses mainly focus on the practical aspect of the topic and make use of interactive and digital techniques. The syllabus for a topic is always to the point and they make sure that employees get hands on over that skill. When hands on training are given with the use of daily examples and interactive techniques the person becomes a master of that skill. Such trainings not only build an individual’s confidence but also improve productivity to meet the challenges of global business competitions by corporates

The single most important differentiating factor for any company is its people. Finding, supporting and developing skilled and motivated staff has always been one of the most challenging jobs in business. In the digital age, where marketing methods and the skills necessary for delivering objectives, strategy and tactics are changing continuously, being responsible for building a marketing team that can drive business growth takes focus

IDIGM Corporate Training Institute is preparind India for a digitized future

Customised Corporate Training Workshops

We work with employers to develop and enhance an effective organization and work force. We invite employers to partner with us to explore the possibilities for your workplace. We offer Digital Marketing Diploma Certification and Basic and Advance Microsoft Office courses at the convenience of Employers either at their premises or vise-versa

The company must conduct post training questionnaire in order to evaluate the per session knowledge enhancement. The before after test scores determine the result of the corporate training workshop. One to one discussions also help in summarizing the effectiveness of the module topics. Certification exams assure that the program increased the competency level. The corporate training workshop module is customized and client oriented. Employee satisfaction during the complete program is a must

Staying updated with the latest new technological advances is what most companies expect from their employees and are always keen on imparting such skills to them. Tangible corporate training workshops make the company’s teams proactive in finding cost effective solutions for their clients. Human resource department should also ensure that the employees should stay in the company after the training is complete. Employee retention is also of key importance hence employee-employer trust building trainings are also conducted frequently. There are a number of training modules designed specifically for corporates which are conducted on regular basis which improve the human capital of a company

Why Choose Our Corporate Training Institute
  • During the lectures, workshops, tutorials and mentoring sessions, We have done everything possible to help businesses, from the smallest SMEs to the biggest multinational corporations, to do more with their existing teams.
  • However we also understand that the quality of the contents is key. We are continuously developing our specialist trainers. Many of our trainers are highly qualiied and industry experiences and training skills.
  • Our trainers are fully supported by an experienced and friendly team of program managers who make the successful imparting the training with higest quality and within time schedule.
  • Employees play the most important role in the progress of any organization.We are a corporate training institute offering courses that engage and entitle employees to meet the increasing demands of their job profile.
What Corporate Training Programs Offer
  • Customized training module –The program structure can be customized according to the organization requirements. The schedule, duration, syllabus can be as per the client. We also have courses predesigned by industry experts which focus on filling the capability gaps that the organizations face.
  • Certification – Certificates will be awarded after course completion.
  • On site and off site trainings-We provide on campus corporate training where our team will conduct workshops on client location. We can also conduct such trainings on its own campus as well.
  • Expert trainers- We have expertise in corporate training programs for Advanced Excel, Microsoft Office,Digital Marketing,Online Marketing,SEO,SMO,PPC,Google Analytics
  • Industry standard course structure- The course structure is as per the current market trend and focuses on helping companies equip their employees to match up to the highly increasing competitive market and increase the companies productivity.12th or 10+2 pass students
What is the importance of Corporate Training Workshops
  • Corporate training workshops are based on effective training syllabus which has relevant knowledge and customized skill building techniques.
  • Implementation of the training given to the individual in day to day work should imply an improved performance.
  • Personal level skill up gradation on individual basis which helps in fulfilling personal career goals
  • Standardization quality content of the courses

The above points determine what value the corporate training program will add to the employee and will the investment be worth or not. While selecting the courses for the employees, companies must take into consideration the above points to choose the best among the list of corporate training companies.