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About the Digital Marketing Course Programme

Digital Marketing Programme Course

National Digital Institute, formed by a group of highly experienced professionals from IT, Global Management, Finance and Banking industry is India’s first Digital Marketing Course Institute in Delhi. With solid experience in the Start-up era the founders have a clear understanding of what makes the Digital World click. The main aim of the training course is to make as many people digitally literate in alignment with the concept of Digital India, Skill India and Smart Cities vision. We take pride in making the National Digital Institute a global platform for students, professionals and entrepreneurs to grow together in the digital future.

We all are living in the age of Digital Revolution which not only has opened a world of opportunities but also has brought in new challenges in the field of marketing. Digitalization has made customers more aware of the market trends which have changed the way of marketing. The rise of digital marketing provides numerous job opportunities and start-up ideas and the industry is thriving with young digital marketers, web designers and developers. Hence more and more students are opting for this training in our institute.

Digital Marketing Course Module Structure

Certified Digital Marketing Course Training

NATIONAL DIGITAL INSTITUTE has developed the training structure to help the learners understand the various modules of the Digital Marketing Course Training Outline easily and in the most basic way. The course consists of various training modules – Search Engine Optimization Course Module, Social Media Marketing Course Module, Content Marketing Course Module, E-Mail Marketing Course Module, Mobile Marketing Course Module, Pay Per Click (PPC) Course Module, Website Conversion Rate Optimization Training Module.

Nowadays everybody is talking about going digital and getting online – Digital Marketing Course module is a customised step by step way for every individual. As we all know that every person is unique and their requirement is different hence people from all backgrounds –under graduates, graduates, MBA, Freelancers, Housewives, Work From Home part time and full time employees can benefit from this course.

It is very important to have in depth understanding of Digital Marketing and its various modules to capitalize the true potential of this thriving industry. Our Flagship Professional Diploma Course Training focuses on the following points:

  • Learn the strategy to use digital marketing tools available.
  • Learn how social media is affecting the overall business across the globe.
  • Learn the mindset of online consumers.
  • Learn the uses and practical implementation of various design tools.
  • Learn how to improve user experience.
  • Learn how to audit website traffic and draw meaningful conclusions from Google Analytics and Google AdWords.
  • Learn how to monitor metrics and business KPI’s.
  • Learn how the traditional marketing practices have changed the face of digital marketing.

Why NATIONAL DIGITAL INSTITUTE - Best Digital Marketing Courses in Delhi

  • NATIONAL DIGITAL INSTITUTE offers the most affordable Digital Marketing Course fees in Delhi as compared to other training institute.
  • The training classes are on individual basis by industry experienced corporate trainers who have successfully launched their own start-ups and are leading leaders of the digital era.
  • Focused individual attention is given to each participant of this course.
  • The duration is 2 months i.e. 60 hours. It is a short term training course which gives you the digital wings to start earning as soon as you complete the course.

To know more, how we can help you in your digital learning just make a call to us, send us an email or visit our Institute. We do assure of lowest fees in the market and highest quality of education.

Importance of Digital Marketing Training in Delhi

All about Digital Marketing Course - Advertising that is delivered via any digital medium is digital marketing and this digital industry is rapidly growing. Everyone is talking about going online. But what does that have store in for SEO and SMO marketers? People who are digitally literate and aware are using different tools to promote their business or their clients business and are growing at a rapid rate. Every business is getting online and with this the need to online marketers is on all-time high.

  • One platform for all – Businesses (small or big) are promoting their products online equally. Each one can have their own website with equal share of the internet space.
  • Customer Reach – The customer reach is humongous even for the smallest of the business. The virtual reach for every business cannot be explained hence there is a big scope of opportunities for every business.
  • Digital Marketing Era- The current scenario compels everyone to become digitally literate in order to grow. This is noteworthy as the need of becoming digitally aware rises. An online business website owner must learn SEO, SMO and other website promotion techniques in order to stay ahead in his game.
  • Virtual Value- Every business has its own virtual value. The value depends on how popular the business website is and how many viral shares it is getting.
  • Target Audience- We will help one gain the right techniques on how to engage their target audience. Most importantly the content will be advertised to only probable customers who increase your brand reputation
  • 12th or 10+2 pass students
  • Any graduate (Arts, Commerce & Science)
  • Training Professionals who want to enhance & update their skills
  • Any individual can go forward with this digital training marketing course in Delhi who wants to get into the digital marketing field.
Digital Marketing Course Training Type & Duration
  • Type :- Classroom Sessions in Delhi or Online Digital Learning
  • Duration of this course:- 2 Months (60 hours-80 hours)
  • Digital Marketing Course Scope

    By now you probably are aware of the hype-Digital Marketing Course Google Certification skills are very much in demand and this demand will rise in the future. The present job market is booming and all the brands are putting more effort and focus on their brands digital marketing than ever before. National Digital Institute not only understands the importance and future scope of the training course but also makes sure that the course can be delivered in the most digitally advanced manner as it is the Best Digital Marketing Course Institute in Delhi Before making a decision to enrol in the course you might want know the Digital Marketing Course Benefits first. They’re good, we promise.

    Key Competencies developed in this Digital Marketing Training

    • Our experts have mentored many students, professionals and budding entrepreneurs under our digital marketing course. You can also take advantage of our highly trained experts from all major areas and grow your proficiency in digital marketing as our course programme is practical implementation of all the online marketing tricks, strategies and tactics used.
    • We aim to make more and more people digitally aware through our programmes and help to impart thorough understanding and in-depth knowledge of various digital marketing platforms, SEO, social media marketing, content marketing, pay per click, mobile marketing, email marketing and Google analytics.
    Benifits of Digital Marketing Training at our Institute in Delhi

    How Digital Marketing Training will help you

    Digital Marketing Course helps graduates, post graduates, working professionals, budding entrepreneurs or business owners who wish to learn more and become a part of this rapidly growing billion dollar digital marketing industry. The course will include modules where the students can learn SEO, SMO, Online Marketing Course, Website Planning, PPC Advertising and Google Analytics. In this ever growing industry, becoming digitally literate is crucial. The entire structure is a learning pathway on how to make brands, generate potential business leads and communicate with your clientele. Our Google Certified Digital Marketing Course trainers impart knowledge that they have learnt by building their own successful startups. This training program covers the fundamentals of using various online platforms like search engines, social media marketing, and online advertising using mobiles, YouTube videos, promotion articles
    • Become an In-Demand Professional 150,000 digital jobs are predicted by 2020 and there are not enough Google Certified Digital Marketing Institutes to train the individuals for these opportunities. There is no qualification required for this Digital Marketing Course and recruitment companies are urging individuals to improve their skill set in this area. This is a proof that those looking for a career in a sector where demand increases the supply will always have an edge over others sectors.
    • Get paid more than your peers NATIONAL DIGITAL INSTITUTE guarantees that it will add value to your skill set and help you gain the unique edge over others. Once you attain the required certifications and training, you will become a valuable and hireable expert in the market. When you’re working in a fruitful industry which has digital skills shortage you can think of yourself like an asset– and negotiate your salary accordingly.
    • Become an Entrepreneur The digital marketing world gives you a host of opportunities to kick-start your own career and become an entrepreneur before you even set foot in the market.

    Digital Marketing Course Summary

    Our Digital marketing training has been developed by successful entrepreneurs who not only share their experience with the students but also make sure that the mistakes they have made and the challenges they faced are skipped. Subject matter experts encourage and guide students about fundamentals of marketing and advertising starting from the very basics to advanced level tools used for digital marketing and web analytics.

    This digital marketing course offers the perfect balance between theoretical and practical knowledge where students get a hands on experience by working on live domains. Major highlights of the programme include website optimisation strategy and development. We also dive deep in how to pull organic traffic to your website and also what mistakes to avoid during SEO. We also focus on driving conclusions from Google Analytics and get involved in devising a unique planned strategy to promote each students website individually. We teach students how to examine responses from various traffic channels and user behaviour. Our main USP is individual sessions. National Digital Institute’s founders believe that digital marketing is a very unique skill which must be learnt individually.

    We aim to deliver the best digital marketing course so that by the end of the training the students have a clear understanding of different channels, the optimal strategies to be used and what budget needs to be allocated. At National Digital Institute we strive to enlighten each and every student and make them employable in this thriving digital industry or equip them to start their own business. Our professional Digital Marketing Certification will help professionals grow in their own industry who are involved in strategic planning in their firms. The training is also beneficial for those seeing job opportunities and wishes to build a career in digital marketing. Moreover the course can be taken by any individual from any field who wants to learn new digital skills as it is becoming more and more important to have a basic understanding of these online marketing tools.

    Registration Process
  • Step 1) Student Registration for Demo Class
  • Step 2) Enrollment in our prestigious NATIONAL DIGITAL INSTITUTE Flagship Training Course
  • Step 3) Email confirmation